Black Adam gets Bond while The Flash movie continues DC's recasting curse

Mar 24, 2021 19:24

'Black Adam': Pierce Brosnan to Play DC Hero Dr. Fate Opposite Dwayne Johnson (Exclusive)
- The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) March 24, 2021

-Pierce Brosnan has signed on to play Dr. Fate aka Kent Nelson in Black Adam starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

-Kent Nelson is Doctor Fate, a powerful sorcerer and agent for the Lords of Order who fights evil alongside his wife Inza. His amulet, cloak and helmet are creations of the ancient Nabu who acts as his mentor and spiritual guide. He is a founding member of the Justice Society of America

#TheFlash: Ron Livingston to replace Billy Crudup as Henry Allen (EXCLUSIVE)
- Variety (@Variety) March 24, 2021

-Ron Livingston has replaced Billy Crudup as Henry Allen

-Billy was forced to drop out of the role due to scheduling conflicts for the Apple TV Plus drama “The Morning Show.” and the fact that The Flash has been pushed back so much

-DC has a problem with holding onto actors and often goes on to recast characters for various reasons. Here's a look at some of the most notable recasts.

The New Adventures of Lois and Clark: Jimmy Olsen
-Michael Landes (L) originated the role of Jimmy Olsen during the shows first season but was ultimately fired at the end of the season because the powers that be feared that he looked to much like Dean Cain. Justin Whalin would step into the role for S2-4.

The Dark Knight Trilogy: Rachel Dawes
-Katie Holmes played Rachel Dawes, the love interest to Bruce Wayne/batman in Batman Begins only to quit the trilogy after the first film as she wanted to pursue other projects. Maggie Gyllenhaal was brought in as the new Rachel in the sequel only to be killed off to make way for Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises.

Supergirl: Alura Zor-El
-Laura Benanti originated the role of Supregirls mother, Alura Zor-El during S1-2. Laura decided she wanted to return to Broadway so she dropped out of the role and they brought in former Lois Lane, Erica Durance, to take up the mantle for S3-6.

Black Lightning: Jennifer Pierce
-After playing the role of Jennifer Pierce aka Lightning for the shows first 3 seasons, China McClain (L) decided she wanted to do more meaningful projects and signed on for only 2 episodes of the shows 4th and final season. As Jennifer Pierce is integral to the show as one of Black Lightnings superhero daughters, they recast the role with newcomer Laura Kariuki.

Batwoman: Kate Kane
-Ruby Rose signed on to play the iconic role of Kate Kane but at the end of the season she announced that she was leaving the show as she was not ready for everything that it took to play the leading character in your own show and she wasnt adjusting to Vancouver life. Batwoman was ultimately recast with a new lead while Kate Kane herself went missing. It was just announced that fan fave Wallis Day would step into the role to finish up Kate Kanes story.

Batman 1960: Selina Kyle aka Catwoman
-3 women would play Catwoman during the Batman 1960 series. Julie Newmar played Selina Kyle during the shows first two seasons but was replaced by Lee Meriwether for the film due to conflicting schedules. It is rumored that the movie was filmed first as an introduction to the show but Julie was busy and they moved the show up to air first. Eartha Kitt would replace Julie Newmar for the shows third season as Julie was to busy filming a movie. Of course Selina would stop being Batmans love interest once Eartha took over due to it being the 60s and interracial couples not being a rarity back then on tv.

Wonder Woman: Queen Hippolyta
- Cloris Leachman, Carolyn Jones, and Beatrice Straight would all go on to play Queen Hippolyta during Wonder Womans 3 season run. No real reasons were given for the recasts but scheduling likely played a role.

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