WB comments on future of the Snyderverse and future of DC in the media

Mar 22, 2021 18:14

WarnerMedia Studios CEO on the future of DC: “We want to branch out and let creators interpret parts of the universe in unique and special ways. Ta-Nehisi working on Superman is incredibly exciting, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with” https://t.co/TaVB9rWElV
- Variety (@Variety) March 22, 2021

-In a new interview, a WB CEO, Ann Sarnoff, talks about the future of DC on the big screen and small screen.

-When asked about the Snyderverse after the positive reception to ZSJL, Anna states that they are glad that Snyder got to finish his trilogy but they dont plan for anymore Snyder DC films. Fans have been pulling their best Olicity and trending on twitter for a #Restorethe Snyderverse.

-When asked if David Ayer would be allowed to release his directors cut of Suicide Squad it is revealed that wont be happening. They have no interest in releasing his cut.

-They want to start rebuilding the connective tissue between films, creating larger universes with some of their properties. The first will be The Suicide Squad spinning off John Cena's 'Pacemaker' into his own streaming series.

-Ray Fisher was released from his NDA, can say whatever he wants. His rep claims that he'll make additional comments when its proper to do so (likely after ZSJL hype is calming down)

-They hired a top investigator who has cleared Walter Hamada of any tampering. He was hired a year after JL finished and was part of making the Snydercut a reality.


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