Lana Del Rey is releasing another album titled "Rock Candy Sweet" on June 1st

Mar 20, 2021 18:53

Lana announced on Instagram today that she will be releasing a new album titled "Rock Candy Sweet" on June 1st in response to a Harpers Baazar article about the singer's recent behavior.

The article (linked here) criticized Del Rey for building up her career on cultural appropriation, her need to prove she's not racist by "tokenizing her friends and saying she’s dated rappers" which in turn just "reveals an insecurity about her own authenticity as a white artist, who has always juxtaposed her feminine, all-American glamor with darker-skinned people on the fringes of the American Dream".

In response to the article, Lana stated that she "wants revenge".

Lana Del Rey announces her new album ‘Rock Candy Sweet’ is coming on June 1st!
- Lana Del Rey Online (@LanaDReyOnline) March 20, 2021

“I want revenge”- Lana Del Rey

She’s coming for blood 🩸
- The Cult of Del Rey (@CinamonSlut) March 20, 2021

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