ONTDs bff Buzzfeed goes over Justice League: Whedon vs. Snyder differences

Mar 19, 2021 19:51

The plot is mostly the same, but these two movies could not feel more different. #Snydercut https://t.co/62SL6uWZiM
- BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) March 19, 2021

-If you were wondering "what was different between the 2hr Justice League and 4hr Justice League" well look no further!

-Buzzfeed has compiled 43 differences between the two films but for your sanity we'll just go over 5 and you can look over the rest.

1. JL opening scene ft. Superman

-In the theatrical film it opens up with some kids interviewing Superman and him talking about hope. Cavill wasnt able to shave his beard because Paramount wanted to stick it to WB so we got a nice CGI mouth of a mess.
-In The Snyder cut it opens up with the death of Superman and his scream being heard all around the world.

2. Steppenwolf

-In the Theatrical film, Steppenwolf is given a more human appearance. He is also the main big bad who is after the Mother Boxes who he likes to call "mother" throughout the film. In the flashback to the 'Great War' it is Steppenwolf who invades Earth for Darkseid and who is beaten.
-In the Snyder Cut, Steppenwolf is full on monster who wears a silver metallic armor. He is exiled from Apocalypse and owes Darkseid something like 10,000 conquered planets before he is put back into Darkseids good graces. It is Darkseid, not Steppenwolf who invades Earth during the 'Great War'.

3. Mera pulls her best Dorit Kemsley impersonation

-In the Theatrical film, Mera speaks with a more American accent. Her fight with Steppenwolf is also cut short after he knocks her into a wall. In the Aquaman film, Mera keeps the American accent. Her parents are also alive or at least her dad.
-In the Snyder version, Mera speaks with a British accent. Her parents are also dead in this version and Atlanna takes her in. Her fight against Steppenwolf is also slightly longer as after she is knocked into the wall, she attempts to drain the water out of Steppenwolfs body.

4. We have to bring Buffy back!

-In the Theatrical film, Bruce and Diana are clearly the team leaders and make the big decisions. The two are at odds with bringing Superman back from the dead. Bruce believes that the world needs Superman and Diana is afraid of the consequences that could come with bringing him back should he be brought back wrong like Zod was in BvS (cause you know..he turns into Doomsday)
-In the Snyder version, the entire team is involved in bringing Superman back with everyone pretty much on board with the decision.

5. Cyborg and his father

-In the theatrical film Cyborgs father gets to live and the father/son duo get to makeup with one another.
-In the Snyder version, Cyborg loses both parents. His father sacrifices himself trying to destroy a mother box and Cyborg joins the "tormented by their dead parents" club


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