'Chemtrails Over the Country Club' continues Lana Del Rey's streak as critical darling

Mar 19, 2021 14:50

Less than two years after critics hailed her Norman Fucking Rockwell! as the album of 2019, Lana Del Rey is again earning rave reviews for Chemtrails Over the Country Club, her seventh studio album. It currently holds a Metascore of 83 based on 12 reviews, despite the many controversies surrounding the singer-songwriter in 2020.

"There's a delicacy to the new melodies, which take their time to sink their pretty little hooks into the brain. She's toned down lush orchestration... opting for more acoustic guitar-picking. A great storyteller, Del Rey consistently delivers the who, what, where and when." ★★★★★ -The Independent

"Norman Fucking Rockwell! saw her hit a career high with a record that instantly cemented its place as an all-time great... with Chemtrails Del Rey follows it with ease, riding that record's creative high but looking further back into her past to tie her whole story together in one place." ★★★★★ -NME

"Del Rey's seventh album dials back the grandiosity in favor of smaller, more intimate moments. It carries a roaming spirit of folk and Americana without losing the romantic melodrama of her best work." ★★★★½ -Pitchfork

"What you might expect from reading the track titles is essentially what you're going to get: This is her most thematically one-note album since 2012's Born to Die. Such simplicity, of course, is always going to be performed with Del Rey's signature blend of irony and sincerity. Her winking emotionalism is so self-aware that it achieves an earnest purity." ★★★½ -Slant

"...another gorgeously enigmatic showpiece from a singer-songwriter who revels in private ambiguities in the dazzling glare of audacious songcraft." ★★★★★ -The Telegraph

Lana Del Rey’s #ChemtrailsOverTheCountryClub is damn-near impossible to resist - review https://t.co/rORlwOqYuB
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. @LanaDelRey's new album ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’ is a sublime statement on fame and romance - read the ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ NME review https://t.co/WVdGEygIPC
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The winking emotionalism of #LanaDelRey's #ChemtrailsOverTheCountryClub is so self-aware that it achieves an earnest purity. Read our review. https://t.co/y87ckVMlNI
- Slant (@Slant_Magazine) March 18, 2021

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