Thirsty for Justice League 2&3? Snyder reveals what would've been

Mar 19, 2021 10:16

#SnyderCut spoilers: Zack Snyder explains that enigmatic ending and reveals what would've happened next
- VANITY FAIR (@VanityFair) March 18, 2021

-Two weeks ago, storyboards for Snyders original JL sequels leaked and some questioned their validity. Well Snyder has come out and talked about what would've happened in those two films as he feels like they likely wont happen (so if they do know exactly what happens)

-Snyder originally wanted to add Green Lantern John Stewart to Justice League 1 in place of Martian Manhunter but WB wouldn't let him touch John so he convinced them to let him use MM in GLs place. MM likely would've shown up in JL2 or 3 had Snyder been given his way.

-He had a 5 film arc planned out: MOS/BvS/JL1-3

-Originally Bruce/Lois would've had a relationship and Lois would be the key to Bruce's humanity and love of his life. But DC shut that down so Snyder nixed it from the film.

-Lois would've revealed to the audience that she was pregnant with Superman's baby in JL but DC/WB also shut that down but Snyder managed to sneak in a scene where we see a pregnancy test in Lois's drawer.

-Darkseid would kill Lois which set off the 'Knightmare' timeline where Darkseid is able to corrupt Superman and take over the world leaving only Batman/Mera/Cyborg/The Flash to find a way to save all of humanity.

-After more time travel, we'd go back to JL1, stop Darkseid from killing Lois, and the entire world coming together to defeat Darkseids forces. Batman sacrifices himself to kill Darkseid.

-Flashforward 20 years and Clark/Lois take their kid, Bruce Kent to the Batcave and ask him to become the next Batman because the world needs him.


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