Ana de Armas Begins Training for The Gray Man

Mar 06, 2021 10:36

ana de armas gun training for ‘the gray man’ in los angeles via instagram
- best of ana de armas (@adafiles) March 4, 2021

Ana de Armas has been sharing on Instagram glimpses of the upcoming production of Netflix's action thriller The Gray Man, which will also star Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. This included weapons training and zipping around the film lot with her dogs:

Ana de Armas via Instagram Stories driving around on the set of The Gray Man!

She also seemingly reveals the name of her character, Dani, which is labeled on her golf cart 👀
- The Gray Man News (@TheGrayManNews) March 6, 2021

She also confirmed in a recent interview that she will be filming for five months, so her role is pretty big. Ana also talked about intense training (9am-2pm every day and gun training on weekends) and being excited to work with Gosling and Evans again. Filming starts in about a week in Long Beach.

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