Review Round-Up: Chaos Walking

Mar 04, 2021 13:19

Chaos Walking [34] reviews are coming in now (not encouraging so far):
"Beneath its perfectly entertaining surface, the film is a mess of contradictions that fails to live up to its own potential." - Slant Magazine (in theaters Friday)
- metacritic (@metacritic) March 3, 2021

Poor Tommy Holland can't catch a break. Last week Cherry landed with a thud and now Chaos Walking lands with an even bigger thud. Who knew a movie that looked and sounded terrible from the jump is just that.

Critic Summary:

The San Fran Chronicle -- Reasonably engrossing, but not fun, and also depressing, repulsive and annoying. There is a reason this is just now coming out after filming years ago.

Chicago Sun Times -- The main premise is executed so poorly it makes the film almost unwatchable.

The Hollywood Reporter -- Dour sci-fi saga. Uninvolving characters, with some given nothing to do. Emotional stakes never take hold.

Indiewire -- Should have been the weirdest sci-fi movie in almost a decade but is too dull and ordinary to do so.

The film will be released tomorrow.


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