Alec Baldwin tries, fails to joke about Gillian Anderson's accent and gets dragged

Mar 04, 2021 09:50

Even if you're a big Gillian Anderson fan, chances are you've only heard her speak in a British accent for many of her recent roles. Plot twist: she actually has an American accent...and Alec Baldwin had some thoughts on the switch. 👀
- E! News (@enews) March 4, 2021

The Spanish Inquisition returns! And this time, it's in the form of Gillian Anderson stans bullying Alec Baldwin off Twitter - you love to see it.

It all started when Baldwin apparently tried, and delightfully failed, to joke about Gillian Anderson's accent changing. For the uninitiated, Anderson was born in the US, raised in the UK, and returned to the States as a tween. Her natural speaking voice sounds pretty American (you can check it out here), but she is known for playing quite a number of British roles, and currently resides in London, so some folks can be a bit surprised by her accent.

Maybe this was all just a little too rich for Baldwin, whose wife Hilaria is now infamous for her, how do you say, fraud? The fake Spaniard made headlines late last year when it was finally known widely that her accent fluctuated wildly over the years and she misrepresented her ties to the country. He took to Twitter to take a swing, and missed.

Is Alec Baldwin trolling his wife?
- Chris Burdick (@chrisburdick) March 3, 2021

My fellow gossip enthusiasts will know that Baldwin "quit" Twitter earlier this year after The Spanish Inquisition wasn't going away. However, he never deleted his account, continued to like posts, and returned to tweeting within about three weeks. OP was even working on a post called 'Everything Alec Baldwin has been up to on Twitter since quitting Twitter' but alas, it may never see the light of day now as he has deactivated his account. At least for now - this is the fourth time he has quit Twitter and he is nothing if not consistent. I'll put returning in three months in the betting pool.

Baldwin took to Instagram to say he is quitting Twitter because us haters and losers just don't understand his comedy. And to be fair, if someone else had made this joke it might have been funny, but because it was coming from Baldwin it's just tone deaf. Here's the 10 minute video where he records while driving to defend his position, because it's a totally good idea to use a phone while driving, especially to defend Hilaria Baldwin's honour:

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ONTD, have you ever publicly quit a social media platform on four separate occassions only to come crawling back evert time?

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