Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s fiance slammed over offensive tweets as he defends her in colourism row

Feb 08, 2021 16:24

Leigh-Anne Pinnock's fiance Andre Gray addresses past offensive tweets while defending her colourism documentary https://t.co/Hbx9SkLUCh
- Metro Entertainment (@Metro_Ents) February 8, 2021

Andre Gray, footballer, attempted to defend his fiancee as she was criticised over her upcoming BBC documentary titled Leigh-Anne: Colourism and Race. The debate mounted over whether Leigh-Anne is the right person to present a discussion about colourism when she herself is a mixed race light skin woman,

A Twitter user reposted offensive tweet which Andre wrote in 2012 about black girls and gay people.
Andre explained that he lacked ‘education’ when he sent those tweets and was ‘ignorant’.

Andre responded: ‘Yes that was me! Never hid from it, i was part of the problem of this whole issue but this is not the argument, its about people tryna bring my fiancé into shit for sharing her experience on race and using her platform.’

Andre stated: ‘She is leading a conversation because she has the platform to do it, or maybe a black women in a similar position as her didnt want to do it who knows? I have apologised, and yes it is addressed in the documentary among alot of other things. Ive done alot of interviews on it , i don’t need no PR for nothing’.

Andre replied: ‘Yes i understand of course, and so does leigh anne! Again, i educated myself because i wasnt educated on any matter of race growing up and didnt feel how darker skinned people would of felt because i had that light skinned privilege so its not ironic, i grew up and learnt. I was 100% part of the problem, you need to see the documentary first before passing judgement tho.’


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