New Britney Spears song "Exaholic" leaks

Feb 02, 2021 11:44

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Merry Britmas y'all! A new old Britney  track has leaked, called Exaholic.

It was apparently recorded for her 9th album Glory.

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sadteenager February 3 2021, 00:45:36 UTC
hmmm this is too self aware for u to truly qualify as a stan imo!!

also this reminds me of this bit from

Britney Spears stans suffer from condition called Britlexia. Britlexia is a learning disability that impairs a stan’s ability to understand simple logic and read basic English. Even though their reading comprehension is poor they are still able to read record sales, ticket sales, and can understand the word “sold out”. This makes reading reviews and critiques difficult, but has no effect on reading 10-year old sales stats.

Example of Britlexia:

Read this paragraph:
Britney appeared last night in Atlanta as apart of a 100-date tour. She appeared three hours late and once she took the stage she drooled on herself, picked her nose and flicked boogers at people in the front row. She also fell asleep 3 times and urinated on the stage. The sold out crowd, some of whom paid $500 a ticket, began to walk out within 20 minutes. It estimated that the tour will gross over $100 million.

This is how the paragraph appears to a person with Britlexia:
����❚❚❚❚❚❚❚���������100-date tour����� ��✤✶✷✸✹✺✻$500 a ticket���❤❤❤���$100 million.


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