Justin Timberlake once kicked Sean Paul out of a studio

Feb 01, 2021 21:30

The Time Justin Timberlake ( @jtimberlake) Kinda, Sorta Kicked Sean Paul ( @duttypaul) Out Of A Studio ➡️ https://t.co/IvfNrOE1sR pic.twitter.com/sc2VafV5A0
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In a recent radio interview, Sean Paul shared the story about the time Justin Timberlake kicked him out of a studio circa 2002.

In Short:
  • Circa 2002, the year Justified and Dutty Rock were released, Sean Paul went to Pharrell's studio to record a song.
  • Justin Timberlake was also recording next door. Pharrell invited Sean Paul to come over where Justin was recording.
  • There, JT was playing the piano and then looked up at Sean Paul and said to Pharrell ‘who is this?’. Pharrell was like “oh this is Sean Paul, you don’t know Sean Paul?” but an unimpressed Timberlake responded “Nah.”
  • Pharrell then nudged him to give Justin a sample of his work so he belted the hook of ‘Gimme The Light'. Justin recognized the song and said, “Oh oh, I know you …”
  • Then, Justin got to his feet, and escorted him to his bodyguard who was outside sleeping because he was Barbadian so he must’ve known who he was (?)
  • Justin’s bodyguard did not recognize him, but once Sean and the bodyguard started talking about 'island life', he noticed JT went back into the studio by himself and realized Justin had just thrown him out of the building.
“It just felt a little bit weird.  This dude just totally walked me out the building, very neatly though…it was so neat. I was like damn, he just kicked me out so nice,” Paul told DJ 4EIGN.  “I gotta use that on somebody one day, but I ain’t like that.”

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