Selena Gomez quits Hillsong

Dec 17, 2020 19:22

Selena Gomez quits Hillsong Church amid Carl Lentz's cheating scandal
- Page Six (@PageSix) December 17, 2020

Selena Gomez has reportedly quit the Hillsong megachurch that is favored by celebrities like Justin Bieber and Chris Pratt.

According to Page Six, Gomez decided to move on from the church after news broke of pastor Carl Lentz cheating on his wife. (He has since been let go from Hillsong for 'moral failures')

“At one stage she adored Carl… [but] now she doesn’t want anything to do with Hillsong anymore.”

“Selena considers herself a Christian. She says she has a close relationship with God, and she believes this is not how God wants us to operate, she’s disillusioned.”


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