Shonda Rhimes Left ABC for Netflix After a Disneyland Ticket Snub

Oct 21, 2020 20:06

Shonda Rhimes left ABC for Netflix after a Disneyland ticket snub
- Vulture (@vulture) October 21, 2020

  • Shonda decided to leave ABC in 2017 after 15 years as she felt that the pace and constraints of network television had become too stringent for her life.
  • However, the turning point was when she asked for an additional all-inclusive pass to Disneyland (a standard Disney staff perk) for her sister. After being told “We never do this,” repeatedly, Rhimes got the pass, but it failed to work when her sister, with her children and nanny, arrived at the park.
  • Rhimes tried to fix the issue by calling a “high-ranking executive” who showed no interest and proceeded to tell one of their biggest showrunners “Don’t you have enough?”
  • Rhimes hung up, called her lawyer and told them she was going to move to Netflix, and she’d “find new representatives” if that couldn’t be accomplished.
  • Shonda later inked a $300+ million deal with Netflix.

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