Rooster Teeth Sex Scandal Confirms Yet Again Men Are Trash

Oct 08, 2020 16:30

The tl;dr of it all is that 4Chan leaked photos of Achievement Hunter's Ryan Haywood and Funhaus' Adam Kovic that were of a sexual nature. Ryan's specifically showed he was sexting fans; one of whom turned out to be underage. The victim later confirmed she lied and said she was 18, but it remains a gross abuse of power. Adam's, it seems, were bad because they were taken in the Funhaus office.

This was not a one time thing for Ryan as he had been caught doing something similar by his stream moderators.

Rooster Teeth quickly handled the situation and have halted all streaming from Achievement Hunter and Funhaus this week. Several upcoming shows have been postponed due to Ryan and Adam's involvement, notably RvB: Zero which Ryan voiced a character for which will now have to be redubbed.

Our Code of Conduct is meant for everyone in our community to follow and that includes our staff and anyone who works or partners with Rooster Teeth. We have parted ways with two employees whose conduct did not reflect the values we strive to uphold in our Code of Conduct.
- Rooster Teeth (@RoosterTeeth) October 7, 2020

I made mistakes and will be leaving RT to focus on rebuilding my family and life. I'm sorry to anyone I've hurt. I do want to say emphatically that I never did anything illegal. The consequences of my actions are mine to deal with, please stop harassing and threatening my family.
- Ryan Haywood (@RyanTheTwit) October 6, 2020

Reaction tweets from RT employees under the cuts but be warned about reading the replies to them as they feature a lot of victim blaming.

Pain, betrayal, and anger are the first words that come to mind. None of it is misplaced. But I'll continue working to turn those feelings into a greater appreciation for those I get to work with today. Whatever happens next, we are a better, stronger team than we were last week.
- James Willems (@JamesWillems) October 8, 2020

I work with a lot of incredibly compassionate people @FunhausTeam who have always shown tremendous strength in overcoming any adversity, without ever expecting an ounce of praise or credit. That is all ❤️.
- Alanah Pearce (@Charalanahzard) October 8, 2020

Immense hurt has been done to people who in no way deserved it. I'm angry and still processing and unraveling everything.

There's so much strength and humanity in the good people on our team. Focusing on that and the kindness you've all shown over the years.
- Elyse Willems (@ElyseWillems) October 8, 2020

I’ve been trying to find the words. I feel empty. Hurt, angry, betrayed, and floored beyond belief. I’m so sorry to all those affected. Please take time to process what you’re feeling, because it’s valid. We all face things differently, but we will heal together. I love you all.
- Trevor Collins (@_TrevorC) October 8, 2020

I'm furious and heartbroken. To be completely blindsided by something like this and to find out how long it's been happening is staggering. I'm so sorry to anyone affected. I understand the hurt and betrayal everyone is feeling, I'm right there with you. Soul crushing.
- Michael Jones 👑 (@AH_Michael) October 8, 2020

Anyways, I’ll see you guys in therapy.
- Fiona Nova (@FionaNova) October 8, 2020

The overwhelming feelings of repulsion, betrayal, and rage are beyond words. I am so incredibly sorry to everyone else they hurt. Positively sick to my stomach and just heartbroken learning how long we thought we knew someone. Someone we also called “family.”
- Lindsay Jones (@IAmLindsayJones) October 8, 2020

There's not much I can say that hasn't been said already. I'll keep it to two simple things.
1. I love you all, and know we'll be able to heal together. Trust me... this hurts. I know. It hurts more than I can say.
2. I need a beer.
- Jeremy Dooley (@JeremyNDooley) October 8, 2020

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