12 Times Adding A Character To A Show Worked Well And 11 Times It Didn’t

Oct 04, 2020 23:00

12 Times Adding A Character To A Show Worked Well And 11 Times It Didn’t https://t.co/9saj9RuWWA
- BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) September 29, 2020

-Helped: Gus, Breaking Bad
"Mike, Saul, and Gus were all amazing additions to Breaking Bad, but I think Gus was the best. He was such a complex and interesting villain, and he was more than a match for Walt and Jesse. His calm nature made him even more terrifying, and I was kind of disappointed when he died."
- Hurt: Ani from 13 Reasons Why
"The whole plot of 13 Reasons Why centered on a tight-knit group of characters who were keeping secrets, so throwing in another teenage character to work against that just didn't work. It was painful to watch Ani have a relationship with actual rapist Bryce in a storyline that seemed to be trying to humanize him, and she had no chemistry with Clay."
-Helped: Ben and Chris, Parks and Recreation
"You almost can't think of Parks WITHOUT thinking of these two. It's hard to believe they weren't in the show from the start! Originally coming in as an interesting foil to the Parks Department, they reinvigorated the plot while being interesting to watch on their own. Ben and Chris were unique and funny, and seeing the way they melded into the lives of the other characters was SO FUN."
-Hurt: Malia, Teen Wolf
"Malia's character never really made sense to me. She should've had the emotional intelligence of a 9-year-old, and it was disturbing to watch her have sexual relationships. Her backstory and animalistic nature seemed to serve as a source of comedy rather than the character depth it should have, and she never built the strong friendships Teen Wolf was known for. It didn't help that Malia basically replaced Allison, who was an amazing badass with compelling storylines, relationships, and friendships."
-Helped: Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
"I love Buffy, but Season 1 was painful - mostly because it didn't have a very effective villain. Spike was an amazingly fun villain who was actually interesting to watch. His history with Angel made his storyline even more interesting, and his relationship with Drusilla was deliciously creepy and weird. He was brought back as a main character in later seasons, but Season 2 was Spike at his best."


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