Gary Oldman Sued 🎉 by Writer Who Claims ‘Darkest Hour’ Lifted From Their Script

Sep 21, 2020 15:52

Gary Oldman sued by writer who claims #DarkestHour lifted from script
- Variety (@Variety) September 21, 2020

Today, in "Well, at least it's a lawsuit" news, noted alleged POS Gary Oldman is being sued over the 2017 Winston Churchill film "Darkest Hour", in which N.A.POS Oldman won Best Actor ( Read more... )

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analievelyn September 21 2020, 22:21:36 UTC
i saw lawsuit and got scared there was another instance of violence.

Then i saw it was theft and got relieved smh. :/

so they were legit working together and then Gary dropped him. That adds even more credibility to his case, no?


revertigo September 21 2020, 22:41:00 UTC
Awful actor, film and historical figure


zoaster_toaster September 21 2020, 23:12:10 UTC
Did Oldman write it?


gloeden September 22 2020, 00:49:20 UTC

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