‘Da Vinci Code’ author Dan Brown’s ex-wife alleges he had ‘sordid’ string of affairs

Jul 02, 2020 16:39

'Da Vinci Code' Author Dan Brown Had Affairs, Hid Millions of Dollars From Ex-Wife, Lawsuit Says

Dan Brown has been accused of having an extramarital relationship with a Dutch horse trainer who he lavished with gifts.

Blythe Brown, the ex-wife of The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown, filed suit against her ex-husband on Monday in New Hampshire, alleging that Brown engaged in extramarital affairs of which she was unaware at the time of their divorce.

Blythe Brown claims in her suit that she noticed changes in her husband in 2014: “He started to act distant, dressed differently, and instigated arguments... over inconsequential matters for no apparent reason.”

The lawsuit states. “Dan had, for a number of years, secretly siphoned funds from their marital assets, at least in part to finance his activities with his mistresses, including... a young horse trainer who lived in Holland.”

Blythe brought the trainer in the US in 2013 to work with a horse the couple owned. After the pair’s divorce was finalized, Blythe alleges she learned that her then-husband had begun an affair with the trainer in 2014. Blythe alleges that Dan Brown had diverted large sums of money from their accounts to buy the trainer a $345,000 prize-winning Friesian named “LimiTed Edition,” a new car, a truck and paid for renovations to her Holland home, substantially reducing the marital estate

Blythe says she played a critical part in her husband’s success as his lead researcher


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