Yashar Ali calls out Alison Roman for her "chola" costume, Alison snaps back

Jun 08, 2020 20:43

1. A lot of debate on this tweet of mine to the left. I have deleted it while keeping it here so that it can sit next to @alisoneroman’s tweet. This is photo was sitting on Alison’s MySpace page...you can google it. She has a recent history of being called out for appropriation. pic.twitter.com/HYHNQ2vjNI
- Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) June 8, 2020

Amy Winehouse is currently trending on Twitter so naturally, I had to see what was up. It's all related to this photo of known foodie Karen, Alison Roman dressed up as a "chola" for Halloween 17 years ago.

Alison snapped back at Yashar by stating that:

This incredibly embarrassing picture was taken in 2008, I was 23 & living in SF, this was my "SF inspired Amy Winehouse" costume for Halloween- it reads as culturally insensitive, and I was an idiot child who knew nothing about the world/how this would be perceived and I'm sorry https://t.co/9eLoao1IEL
- alison roman (@alisoneroman) June 8, 2020

Others came to her defense stating that it was an Amy Winehouse costume and digging up photos of people from over 12 years ago is ridiculous and weird. Others also pointed out that Yashar's bff Chrissy Teigan dressed up as a Native American on Halloween once as well.

This is insensitive cultural appropriation. Chrissy Teigen should be cancelled for this. pic.twitter.com/WCOStc0Z73
- Jeremy Bell (@thejeremybell) June 8, 2020

Do you think this looks like an Amy Winehouse costume ONTD?

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