ONTD Original: Top 10 best use of songs in TV Shows.

May 23, 2020 00:36

10. 'Make Your Own Kind of Music' - Mama Cass Elliot

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This was such a great song to start season 2. It gave you that 'the fuck am i watching?' feeling that worked perfect to introduce Desmond and what was inside the hatch to the show.

9. 'Open Your Eyes' - Snow Patrol

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E.R. had a bit of a resurgence after Season 12 and that's probably because of how good the season finale was. It included a shooting and a hostage situation but the cliffhanger had Abby pass out bleeding to the sound of Snow Patrol. The song was so good that they used it for promos and next season.

8. 'Chasing Cars' - Snow Patrol
Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's has used this song a dizillion times. First when Denny died, then during the musical and when Meredith came back after Derek's death, but my favorite use was the spanish version during the Dia de los Muertos episode.

7. 'Chances' - Athlete
Doctor Who

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6. 'Love Runs Out' - One Republic
How To Get Away With Murder

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HTGAWM was the breakout show during it's first season, and 'Love Runs Out' was during EVERY. SINGLE. PROMO during the first few seasons.

5. 'Breathe Me' - Sia
Six Feet Under

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It remains the best series finale ever and Sia's song helped a lot for that nostalgic feeling.

4. 'Don't Stop Believing' - Journey

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Even if the song has been used a million times during the show, the first time they sang it during the pilot, remains an iconic moment of TV for the best 13 episodes of a TV Show.

3. 'Carry On My Wayward Song' - Kansas

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The show used this song at the end of the second season and it has become such a staple that every season finale starts with it. It was also part of the musical episode and Kansas even sang it live at Comic Con.

2. 'Hallelujah' - Leonard Cohen
The O.C. / True Detective / Transparent / The L Word / The West Wing

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It's such an iconic song, yet you probably remember it most for being in The OC. (RIP Marissa. Still not over it)

1. 'The Funeral' - Band of Horses
HIMYM / Criminal Minds / Smallville / 90210 / The Best Years / Flashforward / Gossip Girl / Kyle XY / Mercy / Blue Mountain State / Numb3rs / One Tree Hill / Standoff / Angel from Hell / The Night Shift / Stumptown

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So, for some reason every showrunner and their mother have chosen to use this song in their show. Probably the most recognizable use is from that one episode of HIMYM in which wee see when Ted and Tracy will meet. But it's amazing how many shows have used it.

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ONTD, any songs/TV shows missing?

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