SVU Promo for 21x15: Stark Sands Guest Stars!

Feb 15, 2020 02:00

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In next week's SVU episode, a CEO claims she was raped but her business partners claim she's lying to cover up her own embezzlement, blah blah, but the guest stars are impressive: Radha Mitchell, Samantha Mathis and, last but certainly not least, Stark Sands! Sign me up tbh.


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neuers February 15 2020, 01:50:34 UTC
LT!! ♥

Gotta rewatch GenKill now.


kinkiestofboots February 15 2020, 01:55:26 UTC
Samantha Mathis again? She was only in it around Barba’s first/second season.


averageontder February 15 2020, 01:56:52 UTC

honeebs February 15 2020, 02:30:32 UTC
Rollins was really into Detective.


shahrazade_bard February 15 2020, 02:59:48 UTC
Everyone needs to follow Stark on IG. The crazy Christmas cards he and his wife do are worth the price of admission alone.


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