SVU Promo for 21x14: Rollins goes Undercover

Feb 08, 2020 00:08

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In next week's SVU episode, Rollins goes undercover or whatever. In more important news (and I'm not even sorry to spoil this if you missed last night's episode), BARBA! WAS BACK! AND HE HAD A BEARD! And he was dealing with election fraud in Iowa lmao, because SVU always has a way of predicting random shit like that.

Seriously though, in case you missed it, Raul Esparza made a tiny cameo last night, in which we saw Barba checking up on Benson via video call, after last week's events. Apparently, he's in Iowa, and maybe if he existed in real life he could have prevented the trainwreck.

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ONTD, did you enjoy last night's Kat-centric episode? Or were you too distracted by Barba to even pay attention to anything else lol? So, did y'all enjoy the 20-second glimpse at your fave ADA? Do you think he looked great with the beard? But do you also think he looked surprisingly chipper for a baby killer? And, lastly, do you feel cheated because we didn't get to see his reaction to Carisi being the new ADA? Oh well, maybe next time!

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