Doctor Who had it's biggest twist EVER and a fantastic character returned!! (Reviews + 12.06 promo)

Jan 26, 2020 23:37

‘Doctor Who’ recap: Space rhinos, old allies, and a universe-altering twist
- Entertainment Weekly (@EW) January 27, 2020

Jo Martin was announced as THE DOCTOR!!!
Yes!!!! The Doctor is now a black woman!!!

Pleased to introduce Jo Martin, The Doctor 😍
- 🌌 ÐOCTOR WHϴ (@DoctorWho_FR_) January 26, 2020

And also.... Captain Jack Harkness finally came back!!!!!

The most Captain Jack Harkness way to return to Doctor Who #DoctorWho
- lauren 🦇 dw spoilers (@robxkristen) January 26, 2020

And well, also the judoon!

Holy shmoley!!
I didn’t expect ANY of that!!
I thought this was just going to be a nice little filler episode. With comedy Judoon. But what? What? WHAT??
Wow..!!! 😯😯 #DoctorWho
- No! Not the Judoon MindPROBE! (@DrOho) January 26, 2020

12.06 Promo

Next Time on #DoctorWho... Across Peru, Madagascar and Hong Kong, the Doctor and friends face a deadly global threat. 🌍😱
- Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho) January 26, 2020

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ONTD, are you so freaking excited as well?

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