OG 90 Day Fiancé 7.11 "Bounce on the Dick, Then Ask "What's Your Sign?" Recap

Jan 19, 2020 21:31


Sisqo and Iggy Ambiem: Sisqo is forcing Eggy Eggs to be with his LA friends and his friend’s Everett’s birthday party. She judges his outfit but sis looks like one of a million Instagram Kardash-adjacent trends. Jasmin is right, you don’t need alcohol to have fun but OP doesn’t think that should judge someone who has a drink. Later they argue and even that put OP to sleep.


She-Sheer She Shed and Ronald’s Neigbah: These idiots contact an astrologist to see if they are compatible - but like sistren, shouldn’t you have done this when you bounced on that dick? In the previews OP thought this lady was a psychologist or couples counselor. Then drama, Tania reveals that she thinks her first love, not Ronald’s Neighbah, was her soulmate. Okay, OP highkey thinks that Tania is a moron who thinks she’s overdue for her Nobel like ayone would think soulmate is the romantic partner with whom you are meant to be forever.


The Rideshare and Shawty: OP missed Anny and her gorgeous hair and they are on their to meet Brother Rideshare. Sister Rideshare is super duper sweet so this will be a tough act to follow. Brother Rideshare is not being open and accepting, so Anny understandably gets a bit defensive.
Robert: “Rome wasn’t built in day.”
Bitch you are not Rome, at best you are the clearance section at Dollar General.

The Sleazy and Perpetually Sweaty Sommelier and A Young Woman Who Desperately Needs to Get Away from Him: His probably (definitely) sleazy brother and childhood friend come to support him. Max and Cece are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly, Juliana hasn’t heard from her family but she has some supportive friends there and gets some sweet messages from her friends abroad. Also, OP wants to learn Portuguese. Wife #1 is officiating the nuptials for Wife #2.

The Bee Keepers:

White Future, Sr. and The Duolingo Failure: They’re in Portland this week looking at roses and shit. Emily wants to rush to get married so he can work, but deep down OP thinks she’s rushing for another reason. Later they go dress shopping

Rubik’s Cube and Glenn Close’s Character from Fatal Attraction: RC is leaving the Ukraine and Fatal Attraction is still mad, but she comes to accompany him to the airport anyway. She starts doing this weird ass flattery simultaneous mocking diatribe with RC in order to avoid talking about their issues. It looks like they broke up.

The Nigerian Citizen Who Is Overdue for His K1 and FedEgg: It’s time to get ‘er dun! FedEgg tried to KoolAid Man her way into the American embassy, but they wasn’t haven’t that. What are the marks on her chest? Her mother in law is finessing ha for a microwave. Gorl yo ass know microwaves that cost $50 are them cheap apartment white microwaves. Peep the storeowner with that quickness after he gave her that discount - “I will not do again!” Later at din din, Family Michael wants them to get married in Nigeria and apparently Michael said that he might start a family with someone else. Nigerian uncles will throw you under the bus!

ONTD, should OP watch Sister Wives?

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