Kailyn Lowry might be pregnant again

Jan 14, 2020 01:53

Chris Lopez’s aunt claims #TeenMom2 star Kail Lowry is pregnant with his baby (again): Inside their crazy last few months of violence & arrests! (Exclusive) https://t.co/k5RudVAd8i pic.twitter.com/j6j3lHvhfS
- The Ashley (@TheAshleysRR) January 13, 2020

- Chris's aunt posted a picture of a sonogram on Instagram, tagging Kailyn
- Chris is also the father of Kailyn's youngest son, Lux, whom he previously tried to give up his parenting rights to
- He was arrested twice in October and they have a court hearing later this month


mess if true. i feel bad for the kids.

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