Salma & Tiffany talk: Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and who was the most "lit" at the Golden Globes

Jan 11, 2020 09:15

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While promoting the Like a Boss film, Salma and Tiffany were on Watch What Happens Live and took some calls.

A caller asked Tifanny if Beyonce's verse on top off was about her and Tiffany says that yes it was.

Another caller asks Salma what was like working on the Eternals with Angelina & co. she says that she absolutelye loves her and they worked well together as actresses that she is very talented and is very impressed with her as a mother. Tiffany wants to cook for Angelina because she thinks she (Jolie) is hungry, Salma says she is going to fix a girls night for the 3 of them.

Lastly someone asks them who got the most 'lit' at the GG, Salma says she left early and Tiffany says she was the most lit but not because of alcohol, but because Snoop gave her some weed and she was out.


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