Bieber enlists Jungkook to help with Yummy, BTS ARMY says 'pass'.

Jan 09, 2020 14:52

-- BTS singer Jungkook is a huge Justin Bieber fan. Last year JB tweeted happy birthday to JK

-- JK tweeted a link to the Yummy video with appreciative emojis

-- Most BTS fans responded negatively and questioned Jungkook if Bieber asked him to post the tweet.
"Did bieber text u to tweet this???!!!" asked a fan. "this the first time i’m not gonna like a tweet from y’all," added another disappointed JK fan. "Even my love for you won't make me click that," added another fan.

-- JK's tweet currently has much lower engagement than usual.

even my love for you wont make me click that <3
- jade⁷ (@prettaeaus) January 9, 2020

This might be the first time I find myself hesitating to RT 🥴
- bora⁷ (@modooborahae) January 9, 2020


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