W Magazine's Best Performances 2020 List

Jan 03, 2020 13:13

Introducing W's Best Performances 2020 cover stars: Brad Pitt, @LauraDern, Adam Driver, @jlo, Eddie Murphy, @ChrisEvans, Scarlett Johansson, @AdamSandler and Joaquin Phoenix. View the whole portfolio, here: https://t.co/v52zGk9jOz pic.twitter.com/qnNWIn4J7U
- W Magazine (@wmag) January 3, 2020

*W Magazine put out their Best Performances 2020 portfolio made up of...2019 performances. So, wouldn't it be Best Performances 2019?

*Some ONTD faves like Scajo, Brad Pitt, Dakota Fanning and Shia LaBeouf made the list.

*Each celeb also answered a few questions about their lives and careers as well.

*Go to the source for the full list/photo portfolio


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