OG 90 Day Fiancé 7.9 "Sisqo's Future of Unseasoned Finnish Foods" Recap

Dec 29, 2019 22:16


The Rideshare and The Shawty: We meet Sister Rideshare who tells Anny and her gorgeous hair that Robert is broke. OP doesn’t think her expectations are too high - sis just wanted a two bedroom apartment and she is willing to fuck Robert. Give her what she wants. Later Shawty and Sister Rideshare go wedding ( Read more... )

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juunanagou18 December 30 2019, 15:12:53 UTC
"Fitness foods"? Is that what we're calling plain white rice, unseasoned -- nary a hint of pepper to be found -- rubbery chicken breast, and steamed broccoli now? Who is Jasmine outside of her aesthetic?

ia that Anny's standards actually aren't high; get her a two-bed apt and take her to T.J. Maxx. She can get ~nice clothes~ there for (closer to) Robert's budget, even if it basically is slightly upper-scale thrifting.

Someone please tell me that Tania isn't a sag.

edit: I have to add that I sometimes hate seeing Natalie because her features remind me of mine own, especially that death stare. It's tew much.


beysactingcoach December 30 2019, 15:25:53 UTC
My jaw dropped when she said she doesn’t season her food. There’s such amazing healthy food that you can make. Like both of them have the personality of a styrofoam cup


theflyers December 30 2019, 20:00:06 UTC
I about fell off the couch at that one. I was squealing like a stuck pig, it was awful.

A dash of seasoning has no calories for starters.

I wonder if she doesn't use seasoning so she doesn't enjoy her food...that way she eats less :( That's kind of classic ED stuff right there. Just like throwing hot sauce on it so you can't physically eat it after you've had your 2.5 bites.


spanishsaharaa December 30 2019, 15:33:25 UTC
lol @ iggy ambiem. she looks so much like allie long to me it's crazy. i need to watch this episode tonight!!


honeebs December 30 2019, 16:46:46 UTC
Busted bee will continue to entertain dummy bee.
Move the fuck on. They both are stupid.

Angela.... who are all those kids for??


stelarjesss December 30 2019, 19:48:23 UTC
honeebs December 31 2019, 02:57:26 UTC
@_@ idkt!


gonepishing December 30 2019, 17:35:02 UTC

ekrelly December 30 2019, 17:37:02 UTC
Roberts sister is so sweet and that scene with her and Anny while they were dress shopping made me tear up, ngl lol

Angela is bat shit. It’s not your right as a ~taxpaying citizen to bring someone over to the US you fucking tool bag

Anna is revolting. Sasha is a dick for throwing betsy’s food out. Everyone is trash besides robin, cece and max.


belladonna77 December 30 2019, 19:12:12 UTC
Robin was a such a kind person! You could see how Anny settled down once she was with a person who listened to her and wasn't judging her choices. Robin's kindness needs to be my New Year's resolution.


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