OG 90 Day Fiancé 7.9 "Sisqo's Future of Unseasoned Finnish Foods" Recap

Dec 29, 2019 22:16


The Rideshare and The Shawty: We meet Sister Rideshare who tells Anny and her gorgeous hair that Robert is broke. OP doesn’t think her expectations are too high - sis just wanted a two bedroom apartment and she is willing to fuck Robert. Give her what she wants. Later Shawty and Sister Rideshare go wedding ( Read more... )

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shannenb December 30 2019, 14:25:41 UTC
OMG where to start?

First, I love how Tania's sister never misses a chance to drag Tania. Same, Sister Tania, same. Tania is damn insufferable, I am not sure how anyone can stand her. Yeah, I get that it's one thing if you have a controlling boyfriend who wants to know the second you get to Target and the second you leave Target, but I don't think Synjin wanting to know that you've arrived home safely from a night wandering barefoot around a foreign country drunk off your ass instead of being kidnapped/robbed/sold to sex traffickers, etc is controlling. Nor is he asking for "all of your time." He's asking for a 3 word text: "I'm home safe." If a simple text message is more of a commitment than you are willing to make, getting married and having kids is *absolutely* something you should do! *eyeroll*. If she thinks Synjin needs way too much attention, she's in for a rude awakening when she has a kid.

Angela, I hate to break it to you but your mom (going by the brief clip we saw of her) isn't going to have any idea that she's at your original wedding or a reenactment wedding, or where she is at all tbh. So just get married in Nigeria and then re-do a wedding over here, I guess. Also, which lawyer didn't pass the K1 class? Because Michael's lawyer was all "Don't bother appealing, they all fail" and Angela's lawyer was all "60-70% of appeals are granted!" My vote is on Angela's country bumpkin lawyer being wrong.

Sascha....I get you want Emily to eat healthy (I mean, be skinny) but you don't get to throw away food in the house of someone who is putting you up rent free. And if you're worried about Emily, maybe stop her from dying her hair that hideous platinum color.

Robert's sister was so sweet, so why is he such trash? Anny did pick the wrong dress though, the second one looked terrible on her. Why is everyone so obsessed with trashy looking wedding gowns?? Also, if Anny needs sex 3 times a day she should be trying to track down Jay--did he get deported yet?

Mursel and Anna are so annoying, and her kids need to pick a lane. They hated Mursel, now they are mad he's leaving and telling him to ignore his parents? Reminder kids, you all were the ones wanting him to tell his parents about you...so live with the consequences. And tbh this wasn't even 90 days so it'll be a blip on their radar--they'll be like "Remember that summer mom dated that weird guy for a few weeks?" "Oh yeah, what was his name?" in six months.

Everyone else was yawn worthy.


honeebs December 30 2019, 16:53:26 UTC
She wants a kid like-> check done.
Just like marriage, she will want him to take care of the child because of HER goals.


dreamcomealive December 30 2019, 17:12:16 UTC
ms_kw January 2 2020, 10:12:05 UTC
I'd bet cash that Michael's lawyer has significantly more experience dealing with visa issues specifically for Nigerians attempting to marry Americans than Angela's does.


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