OG 90 Day Fiancé 7.9 "Sisqo's Future of Unseasoned Finnish Foods" Recap

Dec 29, 2019 22:16


The Rideshare and The Shawty: We meet Sister Rideshare who tells Anny and her gorgeous hair that Robert is broke. OP doesn’t think her expectations are too high - sis just wanted a two bedroom apartment and she is willing to fuck Robert. Give her what she wants. Later Shawty and Sister Rideshare go wedding ( Read more... )

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evilgmbethy December 30 2019, 13:53:31 UTC
I kind of lost it at Anna's kids being like disappointed/sad at Mursel leaving when they were all wanting him to leave like CHOOSE SOMETHING, CHILDREN. But then when Mursel was all, kneeling on the floor and wailing I got weird Paul in the doghouse in Brazil vibes and was like GO BACK TO TURKEY. Something is really off with him.

Anny is too cute, and Robert's sister was really sweet, and Robert's son seems very nice, so I'm left to conclude that Robert is the rotten one with a bad personality because as you said, she's really not asking for much. She seems so good-natured.

Angela being outraged that she is having a hard time getting her nonwhite immigrant boyfriend in the country under her President's administration? I shouldn't be having this schadenfreude, but it's there. Angela doesn't WANT to be protected from the scary immigrants, tho, do you hear that, Donald????? Who is Trumped up now, Ang????

#FreeSyngin. I have a feeling those two aren't going to make it.

I also think Aliens and Ukraine's Evangelist are doomed

Almost fucking lost it when Sasha started throwing out food omfg.

Jasmin and Black Pete Davidson are sooooooooooooo boring god put me to SLEEP.


theflyers December 30 2019, 19:55:09 UTC
I'm not shocked at the kids reactions, oddly enough.

They're kids, they're used to pitching fits and being over dramatic. I can relate in a lot of ways. In the thick of it, it's like "Mom, I hate him, send him back." and then it's like "wait, no, don't, what are you even doing?! I'm a kid, you shouldn't listen to me like that!?"

I was a shitheel as a kid though with a lot of rollercoaster emotions. I'd be a brat and then my mom would get really wrecked by something emotionally and show that vulnerability and it's "NO MAMA, DON'T CRY!!!!! MOM IS SAD, NO LIKEY THE MAMA SAD."

But I agree, I get Paul vibes too. I was trying to figure out what it was that he reminded me of.


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