OG 90 Day Fiancé 7.8 "Is Mr. FedEgg a K-1 or a K-Done?" Recap

Dec 22, 2019 22:30


The Rideshare and Shawty: After this fradualent dickwad renews his lease, he tries to swindle Anny and her gorgeous hair with cake. Okay but it was kind of a cute scene doe. Anny saw Hustlers and she’s ready to channel her inner Ramona, but Robert thinks the strip club is just a little too much for him. Anny is having the time of her life! She was just having fun. They go cure their hangovers and Anny reveals she has been intimate with a woman and that she and Robert should have a threesome. Yes, OP loves Shivanny Roy!

She-Sheer She Shed and Ronald’s Neigbah: Okay, the first of him in that robe, brushing his hair and vocalizing is sending OP. Girls, we’re going to Costa Rica. Ummm why is her momma’s counters so cluttered, Syngin shouldn’t you be cleaning them? Tania is going out with the gorls and Ronald’s Neighbah FaceTimes her and is annoyed that she’s going out again.

The Sleazy and Perpetually Sweaty Sommelier and A Young Woman Who Desperately Needs to Get Away from Him: Truvia Daddy takes his kids to go rock climbing. Sis wore some 50/50 boots so she can’t rock climb. They again bring up the pre-nup and well, Alexa, please play Webbie’s “Independent”. The Pervert decides he won’t have a prenup.

The Bee Keepers: He finally decides to tell his parents that Anna has kids - except that he actually said “I just found out Anna has three kids” like he didn’t know. His family tells him that they never liked her anyway and to come back home. Gorl why is you crying, you can’t even talk to the damn man.

White Future, Sr. and The Duolingo Failure: Absent

Rubik’s Cube and Another Eastern European Lady: Natalie who is desperate to get pregnant explains her fear about her and RC’s vastly different beliefs. He doesn’t believe in God because all he does is bowl. Mike, there is almost eight billion people in the world. He storms off after the confrontation just wandering the streets - they forgive each other and then he drops he’s 30K in debt.

Sisqo and Iggy Ambiem: They put me to sleep. OP has gotten used to her alarming fillers and he’s boring.

The Nigerian Citizen Who Is Overdue for His K1 and FedEgg: Angela gets gussied up to talk with Michael. Michael was denied his K-1. He cries and OP is heartbroken for him because to put up with all her shit and them not being able to come to the States. Michael is understandably angry and goes to see his friends who proceed to tell him the harsh truth about her. Michael gets upset and smack the glasses off Ade’s face while the others try to calm him down. Eventually Michael calms down and goes back to the bar to tell them his visa was denied.


This episode has been brought to you by the life lesson: don't touch my motherfucking Jack Daniels or my tiramisu.

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