Streaming services helping TV salaries to soar says Variety

Dec 18, 2019 08:19

When Apple TV Plus agreed to pay Jennifer Aniston & Reese Witherspoon more than $1 million per episode to star in #TheMorningShow, the service didn’t just enter the streaming wars with a bang - it blew up the template for how much stars were paid
- Variety (@Variety) December 17, 2019

*Variety took a look at this year’s TV salaries and found that streaming services ability to pull in big names to TV also came with hefty price tags.

*Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston (The Morning Show-Apple TV) are no longer alone in the $1 million per episode club as Nicole Kidman (Nine Perfect Strangers-Hulu), Jeff Bridges (The Old Man-FX/Hulu), Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon again (Little Fires Everywhere-Hulu) and Steve Carrell (Space Force-Netflix) all have secured deals of $1 million+ per episode as well.

*Other per episode high earners included Chris Evans ($750k, Defending Jacob-Apple TV), Patrick Stewart ($750k, Picard-CBS All Access), Julia Roberts ($650k, Homecoming-Amazon) and Jason Momoa ($600k, See-Apple TV)

*Broadcast TV isn’t totally cheaping out, with the adult main cast members of Modern Family pulling down $500k per episode for the final season.

*Agents also feel the $2 million per episode paycheck won’t be that far off. Chris Pratt is allegedly shopping a project that would pay him $1.4 million an episode, and Harrison Ford is co-developing a scripted series that would net him $1.2 million per episode.


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