We finally get confirmation about who's the gay character in 'Marvel´s The Eternals'

Dec 13, 2019 16:36

- After much speculation, we finally know who's the MCU's first openly gay superhero...

[Spoiler... its not Richard Madden]... It's Brian Tyree Henry's character PHASTOS!!!

Rumor: The CCXP Eternals Footage May Have Revealed Who the Gay Character Is… https://t.co/wvzXnOjXci pic.twitter.com/nr6CBjsKpY
- Jeremy Conrad (@ManaByte) December 13, 2019

- As people who attended CCXP have pointed out, during the special teaser released you can see Phastos, with civil costumes, in the company of two children and another guy, holding hands.


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