Liam Payne thinks One Direction will reunite in two years

Dec 09, 2019 21:09

Liam Payne still thinks a One Direction reunion is going to happen.

The “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” singer told Channel 4 show Sunday Brunch: “I think at some point we will get back together. I think we will, for sure. I don’t know when that is yet but, all I know is there is at least two years while everyone’s just released new music where you have to go and promo and do all of that.”

“There are at least two years,” he emphasized.

Lime also mentioned that he just saw Styles for the first time in years at Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball over the weekend.

“I actually saw him for the first time in three years yesterday. We hadn’t seen each other in a long, long time. It was really nice, he’s still the same boy as when I left him, really sweet ... he’s such a lovely lad,” he said.

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