Linda Ronstadt tells Mike Pompeo to stop enabling Trump to his face

Dec 08, 2019 10:59

At the State Dept. dinner for the Kennedy Center honorees Mike Pompeo wondered aloud when he would be “loved”. Then Linda Ronstadt got up to get laurels, looked the fucker right in the eye and said “maybe when you stop enabling Donald Trump”. Icon.
- sam greisman (@SAMGREIS) December 8, 2019
  • At the dinner for Kennedy Center honorees Mike Pompeo apparently made a joke wondering when he would be loved
  • When singer-songwriter Linda Ronstadt recieved her laurels she told Pompeo "Maybe when you stop enabling Donald Trump"
  • Ronstadt was also extremely critical of the Bush administration when GWB was in office
  • The exchange was noted by Sally Field's son who was there to support his mother who was also an honoree
  • The Kennedy Center Honors are awarded for contributions to the performing arts. Other honorees this year were the band Earth, Wind & Fire, Sesame Street, and Michael Tilson Thomas

ONTD do you call people out on their bullshit?

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