OG 90 Day Fiancé 7.5 "What Do You Mean I Can't Have the $14K Couch?!" Recap

Dec 01, 2019 22:12


She-Sheer She Shed and Ronald’s Neigbah: He meets the family and is nervous because he’s white. Syngin just a word of advice: don’t colonize anyone - that’s it. She is going to Costa Rica to studying herbalism so she can cop long running cultural traditions to make profits in America. Fabulous.

The Sleazy Sommelier and A Young Woman Who Desperately Needs to Get Away from Him: We’re back in Greenwich in Michael’s dirty ass apartment. Did this fuckass dipshit just say “driving stick shit is an amazing quality in a woman” - no wonder your wife divorced you and your second wife will hopefully run you over with her car. I really want to know what kind of car sis bought back in Brazil. Yes! Max coming through with the Radiohead shirt. They have a new home - OP wants one without the pervert included.

The Bee Keepers: They have a honey themed wedding for her Turkish Delight. He thinks her little bees are taking about him behind his back. You never listen to me--- yeah sis he can barely speak to you. However, I’ve heard great things about her honey products, so help fund her divorce y’all. She goes wedding shopping anyway despite her apprehension.

The Rideshare and Shawty: Maybe Rideshare probably doesn’t want to delete those pics so he doesn’t forget which mom goes with which of his children. He also thinks that she will spill their relationship problems to the boxing instructor which is just crazy --- And OP oops! Rideshare goes to talk with The Foxxes about their conversation with Anny to stick up for her.

White Future and The Duolingo Failure: White Future Jr. is here and welp White Future Sr. is a disappointment. He didn’t apply for the passport and is apparently working from morning to night.

New Loser and New Eastern European Lady: We’re visiting Maria! We’re adults here so let’s just say it - they do the hankity pankity with some spankity. Nats is ready to get impregnated with some mini cube head babies. He doesn’t want to rush into children which makes sense he’s hiding a shit ton of credit card debt and she has not yet secured the K-1. Sooooooooo this is a doozy but Rubik’s Cube is an atheist and she’s a devout Christian (OP is not necessarily sure about her religious affliation so please correct if wrong). He believes in a higher civilitalalization like aliens.

Sisqo and Iggy Azalea: She doesn’t want to attend the pool party and OP doesn’t blame her. Everyone in this gathering say the N-word and you know it. Was that server writing on her hand???????? Don’t be pressured to drink gooooooorl. Iggy gets sleepy again. Silent dinners with your significant other - wow it’s like they’ve been stuck in a lifeless marriage for decades.


This episode has been brought to you by the mobile, your surrogate parent while you real parent plays with his mobile. Çok güzel! Ugh Angela is back next week, not çok güzel.

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