Elsa Pataky reveals that her and Chris Hemsworth fast 16 hours every day

Nov 20, 2019 19:36

Además la actriz ha compartido 'tips' de nutrición y entrenamiento que hace junto con su marido.https://t.co/Ta207dzG1n
- Women's Health Spain (@WomensHealthESP) November 20, 2019

Elsa Pataky is promoting her new fitness book, Strong. The actress made an appearance on the Spanish show El Hormiguero and discussed some of her fitness tips.

Elsa shared that her and Chris Hemsworth do intermittent fasting. She revealed that the couple fasts for 16 hours every day.

"My husband and I do 16 hours of fasting every day," Elsa said. "I think it's the best anti-aging trick, not taking anything in 16 hours to let your body rest."

Elsa explained that in Australia, they eat much sooner than they do in Spain and it is not complicated to follow this type of diet.

🍏 @ElsaPataky_ lanza “Strong”, un libro sus mejores consejos sobre el fitness y la vida sana #ElsaPatakyEH pic.twitter.com/vHEhWF3Unh
- El Hormiguero (@El_Hormiguero) November 19, 2019

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*Used Google translate.* ONTD, in addition to making sure that you find 20 minutes to work out everyday, would you also fast 16 hours?

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