The Morning Show EP: Critics are "Apple haters"

Nov 19, 2019 21:34

. @TheMorningShow’s producers say many of its critics are “Apple haters.”

“I just felt there were a lot of Apple haters and wanting Apple to fail,” said Mimi Leder, the show's director, at #CodeMedia.

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- Recode (@Recode) November 19, 2019

When Apple TV+'s new series The Morning Show debuted at the beginning of this month, the critical reviews were not kind.

Executive producer and director Mimi Leder - along with writer Kerry Ehrin - didn't really mince words when she heard just how bad they were: “When those reviews came in I didn’t know what show they were watching. I thought they were nuts. The reviews felt like an attack on Apple."

She went on to say that they felt very pre-meditated and that is not fair attacks on the tech company were thrown at the shows direction.

I guess it's Apple fault the show takes itself way too seriously, gives Reese Witherspoon too many over-the-top acting moments, and cast Steve Carell.

Anyway, OP recommends watching the superior Apple TV+ show: Dickinson.


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