Emilia Clarke on relating to her "Last Christmas" character, and fan support for Daenerys

Nov 14, 2019 14:24

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While promoting her new movie "Last Christmas” with her co-star Henry Golding on “This Morning,” Emilia Clarke talked about how she related to her character Kate, who is trying to move on after recovering from a life-threatening condition. (2:30 in the video)

"I've had two brain hemorrhages and the first one I was twenty-two and the next one was kind of two years later, so there was a huge amount that I could relate to with what Kate was going through."

She said that while her character's similar situation wasn't why she was interested in the role, "in kind of delving into Kate as a character it just became this kind of serendipitous thing that allowed me to explore it within myself and within her."

Emilia also talked about how it still felt weird for her being done with “Game of Thrones,” and what she thought about all the fans who were unhappy with the ending. (6:20 in the video)

"On every level, it's just profoundly flattering that people genuinely cared that much. They were with us for that long, and they really, really, truly believed in it."

She also believes there was no way to make an ending that would have pleased everyone, but that she was happy how the fans still supported Dany.

“Largely speaking I feel like people are being very kind about Daenerys and about the Mother of Dragons and kind of backing me up, so that's really lovely to hear."


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