Hilary Duff Reacts to Her First ET Interview

Nov 13, 2019 15:20

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Hilary Duff gets emotional when she is asked what she would say to the Casper Meets Wendy 11 year old Hilary Duff.
"You're not gonna believe this ride! You're not gonna believe what's going to happen."

She chokes up a bit, which can be contagious to the viewers, so watch with caution!

"The days go by so fast, the years have gone by so fast, I have done a lot. And when I see that little girl... I still, obviously, have her inside somewhere."

When asked about the Lizzie McGuire remake:
"The conversation finally got exciting for me when she could be 30. She has her life, she's been with the same dude for two years - so she is coupled up and we don't know how long that's gonna last, just saying."

omfg she reminds me of Lea Michele here in the way she talks

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