SVU Promo for 21x08: Adam Arkin Guest Stars

Nov 09, 2019 00:58

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In next week's possibly creepy SVU episode, Adam Arkin guest stars as a perp who performs medical experiments on his victims. Will it even come close to that ultra-eerie S13 episode, where Steve from Sex and the City and that one guy from the best scene of Mulholland Drive played doctor brothers who were suspected of mutilating their victims? Probably not, but we'll watch it anyway.


ONTD, did you watch last night's episode with Margaret Cho and a handful of talented Asian guest stars? I haven't yet (this was the week from hell so I had no time) but apparently it was the third great episode in a row? Woo! At this point, all I know is that we got Action!Carisi! and, frankly, that's enough or me. I'll watch it over the weekend and get back to you. In the meantime, did you like it? Please discuss, and I love you!

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