THR gives details on why Game of Thrones Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss left Star Wars

Oct 30, 2019 19:49

-Kathleen Kennedy was annoyed that they signed on with Netflix in August. She was unsure that D&D could work on both their Netflix projects and Star Wars at the same time.

-Netflix only learned about D&D leaving Star Wars a couple of days before the news broke out on Monday night.

-Apparently Disney was annoyed that D&D chose Netflix for the overall deal. Amazon was the frontrunner before Netflix swooped in.

-People questioned why Netflix would make a $250 million deal with D&D only to be second place to Star Wars. But apparently Netflix and Disney were in a shared position, meaning that D&D could work on both Star Wars and Netflix at the same time.

-The Netflix deal also required D&D to be exclusively on the sets of their Netflix projects and not be away for Star Wars at the same time.

-D&D were thinking of leaving Star Wars because of Star Wars' apparently "toxic fandom". A source close to D&D said "Who wants to go through that again? Not them.This was in the 'Life’s Too Short' category." And that it was a "hard quit"

Finally this tweet here from MakingStarWars basically summarizes this whole article:

A source says the Benioff and Weiss situation was the most amicable of the departures and the bad blood is between the corporations with this one.

Begun the streaming wars have.
- Jason Ward (@MakingStarWars) October 29, 2019


mods i know a similar-ish Variety article about this was posted just now, but the THR article provides more info so i wanted to post

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