Is ‘Modern Love’ Only for White Women?

Oct 26, 2019 20:32

Not one woman of color was a love interest 🙄
- Zora (@zoramag) October 24, 2019

The show had a total exclusion of Black, brown, and Indigenous women as love interests.
Not one woman of color was a love interest. The show is set in NYC.
They fulfilled support roles for White women and men of color.
Women of color are merely therapists, domestic workers, and ever-patient maternal friends.
The exclusion of women of color in this series is so blatant that it can only be intentional. 
In the show, men of color - two Black men, one Indian man, and one Japanese man - are all shown either in love, falling in love, or trying to fall in love with White people.

[Spoiler about Hathaway's character]"Hathaway's character, Lexi hides her mental illness from everyone. She is afforded chance after chance in her romantic and professional life. When she misses weeks of work, she still has a job. When she’s distant and controlling toward Jeff, he still wants to form a connection. When her boss - a Black woman - is finally forced to fire Lexi, she still drops professional commitments to listen and care for Lexi after she finally admits that she is bipolar, eventually becoming her close friend."

First season included Tina Fey, Julia Garner, Anne Hathaway, Catherine Keener, Dev Patel, Andrew Scott, John Slattery and Andy Garcia, among others.

The anthology 'Modern Love' was renewed for a second season by Amazon.


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