Lily Collins's lover Charlie Mcdowell has written rape, racist and eating disorder joke on twitter

Oct 20, 2019 22:42

📸: Lily Collins with Charlie McDowell in London today, via Charlie's instagram stories.
- Lily Collins Source (@allthingslilyjc) September 22, 2019

Charlie Mcdowell is the son of actors Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen. He is also the ex-boyfriend of Rooney Mara and Emilia Clarke.

Emila and charlie broke up earlier this year.


Two reasons.

He cheated on her.

And she did not appreciate his sense of humor.

"He is incredibly vulgar and immature. He likes to talk about women’s vaginas and tell r*pe jokes. He thinks it’s funny."

Charlie Mcdowell has written misogynistic, racist and disgusting things that you can still see on twitter and buy from amazon (Dear Girls Above Me: Inspired by a True Story).


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