Make 125k$ by Donating Your Face to Robots

Oct 19, 2019 17:26

Take your money and don't ask questions.
- Popular Mechanics (@PopMech) October 19, 2019

People with Student Loans, unite!

Get ready to waive your rights to your face by donating (???) it to Geomiq, a startup in London.

By donating your...face to a small startup, in a fairly short time, your mug can be plastered as the model for robots around the world. Of course, you will lose the rights to your mug. But you will be replicated and remembered throughout history as the weirdo who sold their face to be on a robot.

But what will robot-you be doing?

"The robot is meant to work as a "virtual friend" for elderly people,", so you can be berated about buying avocado toast without even being in the same room as a Boomer.

If your face is selected, you'll be fully debriefed on the details.


Would you do this? Whose face would you like to have on a robot?

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