Jane Fonda criticizes vegan protester

Oct 13, 2019 09:02

During #ClimateStrike LA a few weeks ago, a vegan protester started to interrupt speakers, including Jane Fonda.

In response, Fonda said, "You be quiet! Let me just say something. Let me say something. It's very important to stop eating meat and get rid of plastics and drive electric cars. That's great. But it's not enough! We are not going to be able to cut our emissions in time unless we change our economic and social systems."

“You be quiet!” Jane Fonda just admonished a vegan protester who has been interrupting #ClimateStrike LA speakers, including indigenous youth. Eating less meat is important but more important is an overhaul of work economies, Fonda said pic.twitter.com/mtSUT2rfTp
- Sonali Kohli 🙆🏾 (@Sonali_Kohli) September 20, 2019


Do you agree with Jane Fonda?

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