Joe Russo and Tom Holland adopt alter egos in this week’s Superhero League showdown

Oct 12, 2019 10:45

We guess the secret Chris handshake isn’t so secret anymore... Check out to keep up with #AGBOSuperheroLeague. Joe AKA “Chris Pratt” is playing for the @ArthritisFdn and Tom AKA “Chris Hemsworth” is playing for @Tbrotherstrust. @AGBOfilms @TomHolland1996
- Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers) October 11, 2019

*In this week’s Superhero Fantasy Football League matchup, Tom Holland and director Joe Russo donned some super cheap last minute costumes to trash talk each other in preparation for their matchup this week.

*They each pretend to be people doing much better in the league than they are-Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth.

*Holland(10th place) and Russo(13th place) are still both in the bottom half of the league, with one win each.

*Chris Hemsworth(1st place) and Ryan Reynolds(2nd place) continue to dominate as each is undefeated as we go into week 6.

*Elizabeth Olsen(14th place) is still in search of her first win of the season as she goes up against Michael B. Jordan(12th place)this week.

*The real featured matchup this week should be Civil War Pt 2 as Iron Man takes on Captain America. Chris Evans(9th place) finally swapped out some players on his bench and is coming off a solid ass kicking of one Paul Rudd(6th place), while Robert Downey Jr (8th place) reminded Tom Holland that he’s still not up to completely stepping into his shoes in the MCU, at least not when it comes to fantasy football.

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