SVU Promo for 21x04: Another Abortion Episode (yay?)

Oct 11, 2019 22:59

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In next week's episode, SVU tackles abortion? Hopefully in a pro-choice way, unlike it did in the recent past?? Fingers crossed???? And also, according to the promo pics, Rollins baptises her baby in the abortion episode (the same baby Benson told her not to abort btw) because SVU ain't nothing if not heavy-handed as fuck?


ONTD, I have not forsaken you! I made last week's post late and it got approved after I had gone to bed, and I was sick all weekend! And then the week got away from me and I didn't reply! I'm sorry and I love you! So, question time: did you watch last night's Jussie Smollett-inspired episode? Was it kinda problematique but also pretty watchable? Does take-charge ADA Carisi get y'all hot? How about Courtroom Carisi? Do you like the new Chief? (I loved him!) And, last but certainly not least, did the show pull a fast one on us, and go from Darque!Noah to Possibly!Gay!Noah? That's bold.

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