A ton of companies are getting sued over the X-Men cartoon theme

Oct 09, 2019 21:06

A new lawsuit filed against #Marvel and others claims the memorable opening theme music to #XMen The Animated Series was stolen from a Hungarian police show. https://t.co/6fhsy00bDp pic.twitter.com/2eFJfbqQUC
- Comicbook.com (@ComicBook) October 9, 2019
Marvel, Disney TV, Amazon, and Apple are getting sued over the iconic X-Men animated series theme song.

A Florida lawyer respresenting late composer Gyorgy Vukan claims that the "most iconic soundtrack of any animated series in the 1990s" rips off the composer's theme to the Hungarian series Linda from the mid-80s. "The subject, the tempo, the harmonization and the sounding is identical."

The suit states the X-Men theme contributed a substantial amount to the success of the X-Men, including the billion-dollar film franchise, which is why Disney is included in the suit. Amazon and Apple were added because the show streams on both companies video platforms. Warner Chappell Music, UMG Recordings, and Saban execs Haim Saban, Ron Wasserman and Shuki Levi are also included.

The suit is demanding a jury trial and seeks unspecificed damages and further reproducing/distribution of the work.

Both themes are below so make up your own mind:

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